Fascinating Caucasus - Azerbaijan-Georgia


Fascinating Caucasus

Duration: 7 nights / 8 days

Tour route: Baku-Shamakhi-Sheki-Georgia-Tbilisi-Mtskheta

Accommodation in 4 * hotel in the center of the city tour. "Landmarks of ancient and modern Baku".
Panorama of the city from the height represented by the mountainous part in a television tower clearly gives an idea of the scale of contrasts and Baku, the horseshoe of the Baku Bay. The town has the shape of an amphitheater, descending down to the Caspian Sea. The tour covers the central part of the city with the most interesting historical and architectural sites. We continue to explore Baku. We get acquainted with the Baku Boulevard and a boat trip on the bay of Baku. Baku Boulevard - one of the sights of Baku, a favorite vacation spot of Baku and guests. In 2009, it celebrated its 100 year anniversary. The length of the park, the moment component is 5 km, after general reconstruction will be 25 km.
Free time
Overnight at hotel

Day 2 - Monday
09:00 Breakfast
10:00. Excursion. "Old City (Icheri Sheher)".
The tour begins with a tour of Baku and includes a visit to the site on Upland Park, with a magnificent view of the entire city. This is followed by descent to the cable car and visit a fun "Old Town". In the "Old Town", an area of 22 hectares, it is concentrated several tens of historical and architectural monuments, including the Shirvanshahs Palace, symbol of the city of Baku - Maiden Tower, resting place of merchants Caravanserai. Grounds Icherisheher - 22 hectares, that is a small fraction of the total area Baku (44, 000 ha). However, the saturation of architectural and historical monuments, dictates the need for this excursion into a separate and makes this part of Baku, perhaps the most interesting to explore. Maiden Tower (XII century), Palace of the Shirvanshahs (XV century), Castle Synyk Gala, Caravan Saray, Juma Mosque - this is not a complete list of attractions of the old Baku. Nasha today's tour ended with a visit of the Center named Geydara Alieva. Many of those who first saw the design of the Center named Geydara Alieva, could not believe that such a project could ever come true. In fact, even in theory, the construction of a building complex with extraordinary design looks far from being realistic.
14:00 Tour.
"Carpet Museum".
The State Museum of Azerbaijani Carpet and Applied Art named after Lyatifa Kerimova - Museum based in the capital of Azerbaijan, in Baku in 1967. The museum building is located in Baku city center, opposite the Seaside Boulevard. It is the world's first museum of carpets. The museum's collection includes more than 10, 000 items, among which - the product of ceramics, metal and jewelry, bronze, metal products of the XIV century, carpets and rugs XVII-XX centuries, gold and silver ornaments, costumes and embroidery, as well as objects and crafts. art of the modern period.
17:00 Free time
Overnight at hotel

Day 3 - Tuesday
07:00 Breakfast.
08:00 Departure Shamakhi - Sheki
We will see in Shamakhi: Eddie Gumbez ( "Seven Domes") with numerous graves Shamakhi governors; Juma Mosque (the oldest and largest in Azerbaijan Shamakhi Juma mosque according to legend was founded in the VIII century, when Shamakhi was chosen as the residence of the Arab caliphs. The original Arabic inscription on the portal of the mosque states that the mosque was built in 744 year. )
11:00 Lahij - perfectly preserved, has not lost its historical appearance of Azeri urban village as if stuck in the previous century. The village is situated at an altitude of 1375 m above sea level, it is entirely a state historical and cultural reserve. It is located in the Ismayilli region of Azerbaijan, on the southern slope of the Greater Caucasus. One of the important features of the reserve of the village - there are still living people! And do not just live, but thrive. Lahij - an important and well-known handicraft center, particularly famous for its copper utensils. In general, the village developed more than 40 kinds of crafts that tourists can observe live. Also very interesting characteristic of the quarterly development of the town. Medieval cobbled streets, squares and sanitation, with more than 1000 years. Houses often do not exceed a height of two floors and built of river stone, wooden reyami intermittent. On the way Lahij tour - a small urban village, lost deep in the mountains of the Greater Caucasus, the pearl of Ismayilli region, unique in its nature and the way of life of inhabitants of the ethnographic area of Azerbaijan. Dirt and partially re-paved asphalt road to the village of Lahij, completes River Gorge Girdimanchay, crossing the river flow on a solid bridge, skirting the steep walls of the high mountains on narrow ledges carved markedly. Ice and snow covering the only road in the winter months, not rarely separates from Lahij economic life of the valley and the region for weeks. How to get to the village of Lahij is as stunning as memorable for a long time when the winding roads in front of you suddenly appear gorgeous beautiful scenery. Making this journey you will surely remember forever the woods of this land, its rivers and gorges, healing air of the mountains.
A visit to the Historical-Ethnographic Reserve "Lahij" - this unique corner of the Ismayilli region, is only love and admiration of travelers from around the world. Natural insulation made Lahij very unusual settlement in Azerbaijan. Language lace old dialect of the Persian language, which expresses itself of its inhabitants, to this day remains the primary language in Lahij and in several surrounding villages. For centuries, people living close to the highlands and in the valley, they said, not only on the "Azeri", but also actively used in communication "farce", Arabic and Russian. But here in this mountain village, which today is home to no more than 2, 000 residents still tat on his unique Persian dialect.
15:00 Arrival in Sheki
Excursion. Sightseeing tour of Sheki Khans Palace, Visit to the village of Kish
Sheki district is one of the most interesting, original and beautiful regions of Azerbaijan. The administrative center of the district - Sheki city - one of the most ancient cities of Azerbaijan, located on the picturesque slopes of the Caucasus ridge on a background of snow-capped peaks.
Sheki is rightly called the architectural reserve of the country. Of particular interest to tourists is the Palace of Sheki Khans (1762) - a rare example of a combination of national architecture traditions of palace architecture. Design and interior decoration will be hard to find like this second palace. It is known that in the construction of the palace was not used a single nail. Mosaic in it is made in the traditional style shebeke (decoration colored glass). Automotive serpentine road in Shaki is striking in its beauty! Scenic spots. mountains, canyons beckon to stop, take a breath of mountain air. enjoy the harmony of nature. On the way stop to take pictures, a little rest and tea. On arrival at the Palace of Sheki Sheki visit Khan, built without a single nail, with stunning stained glass windows, a trip to the village of Kish to visit the first Christian church of the Caucasian Albania 1st century (the ancient name of Azerbaijan), founded by the prophet Elisha. Caravanserai of the 18th century, a candy store, where they cook the most delicious Sheki halvah, tasting sweets, purchase. Visiting the famous Sheki silk factory to inspect the goods, purchase. Souvenir shops Sheki masters affecting the mastery of folk art. The ancient Albanian temple, a unique ancient monument, located in the oldest places of Azerbaijan - Kish village, stretched near Sheki. The emergence of the church dates back to 1 century BC, the time when the territory of Azerbaijan was part of the Caucasian Albania. Historians suggest that the temple was founded Apostle Elisha, who brought Christianity to Albania. Elisha received his inheritance east and pointing the way from Jerusalem to Persia, began to preach to the three disciples. Soon, however, he was subjected to persecution and arrived in Kish, where he founded a church and brought a bloodless sacrifice. During the heyday of the Christian religion in this area was very temple visit, however, was later abandoned and just miraculously survived to our times.
Even today, the temple is striking in its beauty. Its bright red roof spire-like "lights" in the sun. At a high dome depicts the cross. The thick walls of the temple are decorated like a small windows. Inside the temple is cool even in the hottest weather, and if the air is saturated with the spirit of antiquity and divine
Hotel accommodation
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Day 4 - Wednesday
08:00 Breakfast.
09:00 Departure for Lagodekhi - Crossing the border with Georgia
Meeting on the border of Lagodekhi
Arrive in Tbilisi
Hotel accommodation .
Further acquaintance with the capital.
City tour in Tbilisi: Bus-tour along the main street Rustaveli and Marjanishvili beautiful street.
Cathedral "Metekhi" - founded in the 13th century, which offers great views of the city.
A visit to the modern world of the bridge, on the complexity of the architecture of the second-ranked in the world.
We walk through the area around the famous sulfur baths in the town "Abanotubani" and the park named Geydara Alieva.
Next visit the oldest mosque in Tbilisi "Juma" . Mechet was built in 1723-1735 years by the Ottomans.
Walking through Tbilisi Botanical Garden, it was founded in the XIX century, before the "royal gardens" were broken here, mentioned by the traveler Zhan Sharden in the late XVII century. The Tbilisi Botanical Garden contains a unique collection of plants in which more than 4500 species. (Where you can take bikes for hire)
A visit to the fortress "Narikala" - the walls of the fortress restored towers, with which you will be able to make a memorable photo. amazing views from the ramparts. A ride on the cable car up to the Narikala Rica Park.
Walk along the famous avenue of Tbilisi - Chardin. It resembles the Champs-Elysees with numerous restaurants and cafes, boutiques and a few salons. It is a cult place in Tbilisi. Here in the ancient historical and cultural part of the city you find yourself in a real fairy tale.
Transfer and accommodation at the hotel.
Free time.
Overnight at hotel.

Day 5: Thursday
Breakfast in the hotel.
Excursion to the city of Mtskheta This number of saints and religious places like in Mtskheta, no more in the whole Georgia. For this ancient city is called the "second Jerusalem". This brought the good news of St. Nino Kappadokiyskaya, here you will have the opportunity to visit:
Cathedral "Svetitskhoveli» (XI in. ) - one of the spiritual symbols of modern Georgia. It houses one of the greatest shrines of Christendom - Heaton Lord.
Jvari (V in), immortalized in literature Mihailom Lermontovym. An old legend that this is where St. Nino put Holy Cross, marked by the adoption of Christianity by Georgia.
Mtskheta inscribed on the UNESCO list.
Next, travel to Gori, Stalin's visit to the museum, who grew up and was born in this city. The museum was opened in 1937, during the life of the generalissimo. Next trip to visit Uplistsikhe - a wonderful city, founded in the late II millennium BC. This ancient fortress - a fabulous work on the creation of a city from a rock. Return to Tbilisi
Overnight at hotel

Day 6: Friday
Breakfast in the hotel
12:00 Release of rooms
Free time (time for shopping, visiting the souvenir shop)
16:00 Transfer to the w / d station Tbilisi train Tbilisi-Baku.

7 DAY - Saturday
Arrive in Baku
Hotel accommodation
Free time (time for shopping, visiting the souvenir shop)

Departure to the Airport named Geydara Alieva of the city Buck


Extra charge for single room (Single Room): 110 USD

Cost of the tour per person for stays Double Room includes:
transport service
Accommodation in two-bed room with breakfast
Tour according to the program
English-speaking or English-speaking guide
F / D tickets Tbilisi - Baku
Bottle of water
When a group of more than 15 people - the head free

Additional charges:
Lunch - from 15 USD (alcohol not included)
Dinner - from 20 USD (alcohol not included)
Entrance fees to museums
Visiting Winter and summer tourist complex "Tufandag "
A visit to the Entertainment Complex "Gabala Land"
Visa fee - $ 40 (if not the citizens of the CIS)
Fees for photo - and video in museums

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